An automated model test system for systematic development and improvement of gene expression models.
Alexander C. Reis and Howard M. Salis
ACS Synthetic Biology 2020 [URL]

A massively parallel COVID-19 diagnostic assay for simultaneous testing of 19200 patient samples.
Alexander C. Reis, Ayaan Hossain, and Howard M. Salis
Google Docs 2020 [URL]

Automated design of thousands of nonrepetitive parts for engineering stable genetic systems.
Ayaan Hossain, Eriberto Lopez, Sean M. Halper, Daniel P. Cetnar, Alexander C. Reis, Devin Strickland, Eric Klavins, and Howard M. Salis
Nature biotechnology 2020 [URL]

Simultaneous repression of multiple bacterial genes using nonrepetitive extra-long sgRNA arrays.
Alexander C. Reis, Sean M. Halper, Grace E. Vezeau, Daniel P. Cetnar, Ayaan Hossain, Phillip R. Clauer, and Howard M. Salis
Nature biotechnology 2019 [URL]